Update (July 12, 2017): Tenacious Fox and friends clawed back victory on appeal for their client, St. Jude.

St. Jude won at trial against a former employee, Heath Carter, and St. Jude’s rival, Boston Scientific, but then Hennepin County District Court Judge Susan Burke snatched away the win by denying St. Jude its claims for injunctive relief and for attorneys’ fees.

This week, the Minnesota Court of Appeals flipped the trial court on this key issues in a published opinion.

Original post (July 21, 2014) (under the headline “Another Win for St. Jude Medical, Ed Fox, & His Team at Bassford Remele”): Mess with a bull, you get the horns. Mess with a fox, and I suppose you get the teeth.

Minnesota Litigator has covered the St. Jude case against Biosense and Jose de Castro in several earlier posts (here and here, for instance). Not all the posts have been fawning and complimentary but one must give credit where it is due.

Congratulations for Ed Fox and his team from Bassford Remele on a recent win in this protracted dispute. ANOTHER WIN, that is. (Earlier run-ins with Fox & friends that did not work out well for their adversaries may be noted here and here.)

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