Rumplestiltskin is a bizarre fairy tale that begins with a very difficult situation for a young woman. (Scholars have suggested that the tale is over 4,000 years old, which might explain how weird it is. Very old stories are often very weird.) The young woman’s father, a miller, boasted that his daughter could convert straw […]

  About two years ago, we posted about a lawsuit arising out of a bar-close skirmish where “dress code enforcement” seemed troublingly selective and racially motivated at a downtown Minneapolis bar. We noted in the post, in passing, that Bar Louie in Uptown also had a dress code that seemed to be “code” of a […]

Update (May 16, 2018): Registration closes on Friday, May 18. Original post (April 4, 2018): Minnesota litigators: Mark your calendars for a valuable CLE by the Minnesota Chapter of the Federal Bar Association (May 24, Downtown Minneapolis (IDS)). Register here. Why? Check out the detailed agenda here. What do you see? Truly cutting edge legal and legal/techno issues: cell phone forensics the […]

Update (May 16, 2018): From the looks of it, Defendants, Inc., and R. Tiegen Fryberger did not enter the ring to win the match in their lawsuit in the U.S. District Court (D. Minn.). They were dragged into the ring. They do not appear to want to fight very much, if at all. On […]

Update (May 11, 2018): Here we go again. As in the original posts, below, we come across another sophisticated business arguing that a contract giving it no right of termination must be understood to mean that it has a right of termination.  In the latest case, a St. Paul business, Cinema Ballroom, negotiated an open-ended […]

One of the more complicated parts of our justice system (and our country’s governance) is the layers of federal and state law. Almost all of us have an understanding that the Supremacy Clause in the U.S. Constitution elevates federal law over state law. But the question of when federal laws and states laws conflict is […]

Update (May 3, 2018): (Maybe a lawyer’s right to speak to jurors (or, more precisely, a judge’s prohibition on a lawyer’s right to talk to jurors?) implicates the First Amendment?) Recent discussion of the issue covered in the original post, below.) Original post (April 11, 2018): After a recent jury verdict in favor of women’s hockey […]

Update (May 2, 2018): The Minnesota Supreme Court has taken up the petition for review of the case described below and it is getting some national attention. Original post (February 16, 2018): There has been an explosion of defamation claims since, thanks to the internet and social media, every one of us has become a […]

Congratulations to NJL lawyers, Karna Berg, Jeremy Robb, Katie Connolly, and Peter Gray, along with their client, Loftness Specialized Farm Equipment, for their complete defense verdict in a breach of contract claim (alleged breach of a non-disclosure agreement) by Twiestmeyer et al., in suit since 2011. Before the recent jury trial, the multi-million dollar claim had […]

The StarTribune reported a recently filed action in Hennepin County district court this week.The action describes itself as “Petitioner Air T, Inc.’s Rule 27.01 Petition to Perpetuate The Testimony of Yahoo! Inc.” Apparently, an anonymous person going by the name of “Blueskiesforme1” has been blasting Air T, Inc., on a Yahoo! “message board” with criticism. […]