In car manufacturing, some manufacturers and, more specifically, certain models enjoy solid reputations of dependability. Imagine a scenario where, over several years, the manufacturer of such a highly respected model starts cutting expenses and investment in the model (that is, lowers quality), while keeping the price the same, or even increasing it a bit (thus […]

Andrew Archer sold a wholly-owned company to Bulldog Holdings. Part of the deal, from Archer’s perspective, was that Bulldog Holdings would continue to sell machines that included Archer’s retained intellectual property and Bulldog would be obligated to pay royalties back to Archer upon sale of the machines. Another part of the deal, of value to […]

Update #6 (July 19, 2017): The lawsuit, described below, has to be one of the most dramatic reversals and one of the greatest failures of our legal system we have ever seen. After litigating a case for years, Plaintiff Great Lakes Gas Transmission won a jury verdict of $37.8 million in U.S. District Court. Then, […]

Lawyers acting for the personal representative of Prince (whom we will call “Prince’s lawyers” for convenience) have their sights on Mr. George Ian Boxill, a mixing and recording engineer, who allegedly had five unpublished Prince recordings when Prince died in April, 2016. The recordings, Prince’s lawyers contend, belong to Prince’s estate, not to Boxill, and […]

Update (July 14, 2017): The Minnesota Supreme Court has granted plaintiff Staffing Specifix’s petition for review, in part (in connection with the case discussed previously (below)). (Linked here is the petition and linked here is the order granting it in part.) The only issue to be addressed by the Minnesota Supreme Court (in the words […]

Update (July 12, 2017): The linked decision of the Minnesota Supreme Court reverses the lower courts’ rulings in favor of the product liability defendant. This “close case” is a major win for Minnesota product liability plaintiffs and, as stated in our previous post, below, one that we had been rooting for. Justice Gildea’s dissent powerfully […]

Update (July 12, 2017): Tenacious Fox and friends clawed back victory on appeal for their client, St. Jude. St. Jude won at trial against a former employee, Heath Carter, and St. Jude’s rival, Boston Scientific, but then Hennepin County District Court Judge Susan Burke snatched away the win by denying St. Jude its claims for […]

Travis Schurhammer was badly hurt in a snow-mobile accident. An employee welfare benefit plan (“the Plan”) took care of Mr. Schurhammer’s significant medical bills (over $150,000). But the Rochester-based law firm of O’Brien & Wolf took on Mr. Schurhammer’s personal injury case against other third-parties (two insurers) on a contingent fee basis and got a […]

The more things change, the more they stay the same. From the linked annual report of the Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility Board, we learn that 2016 was quite similar to previous years in terms of the number of complaints, the nature of the complaints, and the nature of the discipline imposed (ranging from disbarment at one […]

All litigators know that judges often write their opinions as if they are not issuing from the judges but from “the court.” This makes sense because we believe our system to be guided by laws, not by people. Thus, it might seem inconsistent and inappropriate for a judge to write something like: “I don’t believe […]