Minnesota Litigator is DELIGHTED to introduce Minnesota civil litigator, Kelly Pierce, as Minnesota Litigator’s latest Guest Poster! (It has been a while since we’ve introduced a new Guest Poster.) If you don’t have the good fortune of knowing Ms. Pierce already, meet Kelly here. (Ed. Note: And we also give a hat-tip to long-time reader […]

“Used car sellers know when they’re lying.” This is an old joke. (In fact, we called it an old joke over six years ago.) But there might be a nauseating ring of truth to the joke for many readers. It might have to do with the complexity of the products. It might have to do […]

Update (April 15, 2019): The Minnesota heard oral argument in this case, described below, this past week. We predict Minnesota Sands will lose. Attorney Chris H. Dolan argued for Minnesota Sands and was peppered by questions from Justices Lillehaug, Thissen, Chutich, McKeig, and Hudson. Assuming all of these justices are unpersuaded by Minnesota Sands, Minnesota […]

Update (April 12, 2019): Disgraced Minnesota litigator and U of M Law graduate, Mr. Paul Hansmeier, is headed off to prison but for how long? Stay tuned. The government is asking for over ten years, arguing that “Hansmeier was greedy, arrogant, devious, mendacious, and consistently positioned other people to be damaged by his conduct, even […]

Minnesota Litigator’s mandate is “news and commentary about Minnesota civil litigation.” It is therefore unsurprising that Minnesota Litigator rarely discusses governmental seizure of private citizens’ real property in communist countries followed, decades later, by the government’s surrender of property back to private citizens. This has not yet come up in Minnesota civil litigation. It is […]

Update (March 27, 2019): Minnesota Litigator has profiled many great Minnesota litigators (see the compilation at the bottom of the post) for several years. No one compares with Kevin Dunlevy of Beisel & Dunlevy PA. For sure, there are literally thousands of excellent Minnesota litigators (many of whom we have profiled, many more that we have […]

In Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, one of the most famous scenes in American literature, Tom Sawyer persuades the various neighborhood children to trade him small trinkets and treasures for the “privilege” of doing his tedious work, using reverse psychology to convince them it is an enjoyable activity. Clio, by Themis Solutions, Inc. […]

We recently heard a rumor that the preeminent law firm of Dorsey & Whitney dropped its long-held contract with Westlaw, the computerized legal research giant. If true, we think this is a positive development for the market for computerized legal research generally. (Being a blogger and being a Dorsey alum (rather than a journalist), I […]

We were previously counsel of record in a case in which we promoted our expertise. We touted a summary judgment win at the trial court for a defendant against a claim for defamation. (We are no longer involved in the case in any capacity.) But we had enough humility and experience in civil litigation to […]

Update (March 13, 2019): In the thread of posts, below, we have made our views of the case of Shank v. Carleton College clear. Some might even say we’ve been “shrill” or that we’re inappropriately “taking sides.” (We cop to “taking sides” but reject that it is inappropriate or unwarranted.) Linked here is Ms. Shank’s memorandum […]