The dispute between Mr. Jon and Ms. Sonja Nelson and the International Paper Company over who owes whom what for a tree-farming/growing deal caught our eye because LEVENTHAL pllc also has a current case in which two parties entered into two agreements at the same time which are inconsistent. On its face, the situation is […]

The Minnesota Human Rights Act defines sexual harassment. “Severe and pervasive” conduct is not included in the definition: “Sexual harassment” includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, sexually motivated physical contact or other verbal or physical conduct or communication of a sexual nature when: (1) submission to that conduct or communication is made a […]

Regular readers of Minnesota Litigator are familiar with our TAAFOMFT (“These are a few of my favorite things”) posts in which we engage in the fine art of whining via irony. The title of this post comes from a famous negotiation in the 1960’s involving the United States and Vietnam in which the shape of the […]

“The AMA Opposes Lawsuit Abuse Against Physicians….” Now there’s a controversial take, right? An industry trade association against “lawsuit abuse” of its members? Seriously, everyone everywhere opposes “lawsuit abuse against physicians.” Does this overblown rhetoric serve any purpose aside from venting outrage and causing a spike in blood pressure? Has the Minnesota Supreme Court, in […]

LEVENTHAL pllc has been on the threshold of trial twice this month. On one of these two (non) events, it got down to showing up at Court for day #1 of a week-long jury trial when the other side showed up, finally ready to pay money, not apparently all that ready or interested in going […]

Update (6/7/19): We had the pleasure of wiring millions of dollars to clients this week and, while at the bank initiating the wire transfer, we noted a new filing in the bank-wire fraud case described below. This made our transaction a bit more nerve-wracking than it otherwise would have been. We link to another strong […]

We recently concluded a legal malpractice lawsuit (Johnson et al. v. Biersdorf, et al.) in which counsel for the defendant lawyers argued that the defendant lawyers could not be liable for professional negligence because the underlying litigation, which the defendant lawyers had spear-headed, was a total loser. We characterized the position as doubling-down on incompetence: […]

What is the analysis that a federal court undertakes when a third-party comes into court seeking an order to break the seal on confidential deposition transcripts from another lawsuit?

Update (May 15, 2019): Congratulations to Dorsey lawyers for the win against the U.S. Post Office (described below) (for now, at least). U.S. Mag. Judge Becky R. Thorson (D. Minn.) has agreed with Dorsey that the U.S. Post office cannot hide behind a Glomar response (a response to a Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) request not only […]

Update (May 14, 2019): Minnesota Litigator now has remote access to civil case files in Montgomery County, Texas, which uses the same technology vendor as the state of Minnesota uses: Tyler Technologies. It took about 30 seconds to fill out an application. We submitted the application for remote access and we had access within 5 […]