Previous Minnesota Litigator “Tales from the Trenches” posts have been first-person narratives — mundane trials and tribulations of LEVENTHAL pllc. This trench-tale is second-hand. Last week, the trial of C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. v. XPO Logistics, Inc., et al., started before Hennepin County District Court Judge Ronald Abrams. C.H.Robinson claims misappropriation of trade secrets and […]

Having just posted on litigation funding, we got an email the very next day: Hi there, I discovered your practice through the mentioned matter and believe we are well-aligned to help one another moving forward. For context, I represent XXXXXXXXX, a litigation funder. We invest in commercial cases that are historically too small (values of […]

We have repeatedly warned Minneota litigators and litigants that courts really hate to undo settlements (most recently, here). This lesson was taught again this week in Rocco v. Khan in which a neighbor’s property dispute was resolved in a settlement conference, put on the record at the Ramsey County District Court, and, after that, the […]

Update (February 16, 2017): As predicted (and as urged) below, this case settled before trial. Although many lament the paucity of civil trials in current U.S. law, this lawsuit was one of many, if not most, where settlement seems a better result than the expense, uncertainty, and stress of trial. Original post (November 18, 2016): Regular […]

“Champerty” is “an agreement between a stranger to a lawsuit and a litigant by which the stranger pursues the litigant’s claims as consideration for receiving part of any judgment proceeds.” Sound familiar? Ever heard of a “contingent fee agreement”? Contingent fee litigation, in which lawyers recover for their time by taking a percentage of the litigant’s […]

Minnesota Litigator focuses primarily on news and comments about Minnesota civil litigation but we recently focused on the bigger picture of “dual federalism” and “subject matter jurisdiction.” Now we look at another important issue: “personal jurisdiction.” Since 2013, at least, we have argued that “U.S. jurisprudence on personal jurisdiction leaves something to be desired and the law […]

Congratulations to Minnesota litigators, Valerie Sims, Jeffer Ali, and Nathan Louwagie for their dogged representation of manufactured home residents in an on-going class action against the City of Burnsville. Dakota County District Court Judge Colleen G. King delivered manufactured home residents and their lawyers a resounding win today (reserving for another day whether the Court will […]

(Mr. Merissa’s previous Minnesota Litigator post can be found here.) Just two weeks into his presidency, U.S. Pres. Donald Trump has threatened to send troops to Mexico to take care of their “bad hombres”  and hung up on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull of Australia after a heated discussion about refugee policy. Given this frightening treatment of […]

Update (February 7, 2107): The Minnesota Supreme Court heard oral argument today in the case discussed here below last June. Counsel for Bunny’s Bar and Grill faced relentless tough questioning by the Minnesota Supreme Court and I predict that the Minnesota Court of Appeals’ decision (against Bunny’s) will be affirmed. Original post (June 29, 2016): […]

[Those of you older than 50 will understand the headline and the image to the left. For the nostalgic among you (or the young’uns who have no clue), click to see the linked advertisement from 1976.] Regular Minnesota Litigator readers (and all experienced Minnesota litigators) are familiar with Rule 5.04 of the Minnesota Rules of […]