Minnesota Litigator has previously covered the case of Jakob Rumble v. Fairview Health Services, et al.. The case is hard-fought, has gotten national attention, and involves many lawyers who have been working it for two or three years. Trial is set for June 19. Plaintiff Jakob Rumble and his lawyers have brought a motion for a continuance […]

If I wish to harm a person’s reputation, what is to stop me from simply making things up (for example, that the person was involved in a far-reaching financial fraud, that the person engages in bizarre sexual conduct, that the person is a pathological liar)? Obviously, such allegations are serious and harmful. They could form the […]

In our minds, many trial lawyers like to think of ourselves as warriors, clashing our weapons and out-maneuvering our adversaries. Some of us imagine ourselves in an epic struggle of good against evil, a pitched battle for nothing less than Justice — a transcendent reckoning, an adjustment or realignment of reality so that a wrong […]

Update (May 19, 2017): This week’s published Minnesota Court of Appeals decision, Security Bank & Trust Co. (“SB&T”) v. Larkin, Hoffman, Daly & Lindgren, Ltd. (“LHD&L”) is yet another thread in Minnesota’s knotty jurisprudence on the appropriate accrual date of a legal malpractice case. Mr. Gordon Savoie got allegedly bad estate planning help from LHD&L in […]

The lawsuit, Transport Drivers, Inc. v. Coca Cola Refreshments USA Inc. (“TDI” v. “CCR”), in the U.S. District Court (D. Minn.), is a generic and stunningly boring contract dispute (like many others, admittedly). In a nutshell: A predecessor of CCR made a promise to a predecessor of TDI in 1985. CCR and TDI made later promises […]

Dallas Cowboy running back, Darren McFadden, has brought suit in Little Rock, Arkansas against Ameriprise, alleging that an Ameriprise financial adviser stole millions of dollars from McFadden. The Star Tribune reported the story late in the evening two days ago. The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal picked up the story (noting and linking to the Strib’s story) […]

Update (May 15, 2017): In the case described below and in later Minnesota Litigator posts, we face an almost comic turn-around in which one litigant (Wells Fargo) fought to have a bench trial, lost that fight, and then won the case decisively before the jury. The adversaries, Plaintiffs Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and […]

When, IF EVER, is OUTRAGE appropriately expressed in legal writing??? When should lawyers use bold italics for emphasis (or for anything?)??? ALLCAPS??? Multiple punctuation marks??? Other colloquial expressions or punctuation? 😉 (!?) OMG LOL

[NOTE: Notwithstanding the auto-populated “by-line,” above and to the left, the post below is by an eminent Minnesota ERISA benefits litigator and counselor, Kate Mackinnon (pictured to the left, from her 2014 Minnesota Litigator profile).]   What does it mean that a Minnesota health insurer is bound by a decision of an external review organization? In […]

Update (May 8, 2017): In the Sorin v. St. Jude case, covered here at some length previously, the court awarded Defendant St. Jude, the victor at trial, its costs last week (costs claimed: $49,354.24, costs allowed: $47,444.85). At the same time, Sorin’s motion for a new trial, discussed below, is pending. In an earlier post, we […]