Is LEVENTHAL pllc Right for You?

With over twenty years experience in Minnesota civil litigation in both state and federal courts, I charge less than half the hourly rate of large firm civil litigators with similar years of experience.

But can one lawyer really handle business litigation with a million dollars or more at stake and manage a million documents exchanged in discovery?

You would be surprised. Call and let’s talk. LEVENTHAL pllc successfully represents clients ranging from individuals to large corporations in a wide variety of business-to-business disputes, individual-to-business disputes, and professional malpractice (for example, legal malpractice, accounting malpractice, engineering malpractice) claims.

As needed, LEVENTHAL pllc teams up with others so that each case has a customized team of lawyers, experts, and other litigation support.

There certainly are cases that LEVENTHAL pllc is not equipped to handle but LEVENTHAL pllc offers a free consultation. If LEVENTHAL pllc is not right for you, we will refer you to a lawyers and law firms in a better position to help you. With over twenty years of experience with over ten years at some of the largest Minnesota law firms, LEVENTHAL pllc intel and referral networks are broad and deep.

LEVENTHAL pllc will not take cases that are economically irrational or that are not a good fit. Before taking a case, we will evaluate whether LEVENTHAL pllc is your best option and, if you team up with LEVENTHAL pllc, you get the optimal balance of costs and benefits, risks and rewards.

Seth Leventhal


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All laws, written and unwritten, have need of interpretation. The written laws, if they be short, are easily misinterpreted, for the diverse significations of a word or two; if long, they be more obscure by the diverse significations of many words. No written law, delivered in few or many words, can be well understood without a perfect understanding of the final causes for which the law was made.

Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan (1651)