• November 4, 2014

Minnesota Litigator - voteMidterm elections suffer from poor voter turn-out and U.S. citizens suffer from the election of politicians who do not represent their interests because the majority of eligible voters do not vote. With all due respect for Russell Brand, a British comedian and social activist who urges people not to vote because, in his view, the candidate are all full of sh*t, I think it is wiser to recognized that some are full of sh*t, some are more full of sh*t, some are bat-sh*t crazy, and who, by the way, is perfect? Surely filtering out the most noxious participants in our political process nudges us ever closer to a better political system.

MN Employment Law Report, a blog by the Felhaber Larson law firm gives pointers to Minnesota employers about the law protecting employees’ opportunities to cast their ballots.

When Minnesota employers interfere with workers’ rights to participate in our democracy or to perform their civic duties (like jury duty), they get sued. And they should get sued.

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