• January 31, 2020

The recent news of an 18-month suspension from the practice of law of Minnesota lawyer, Jon Eric Paulson, is worthy of note for two reasons: (1) the broad scope of his alleged wrong-doing; and (2) the concurrence of Justice Ann McKeig (joined by Justices Lillehaug and Hudson):

Before being appointed to the Minnesota Supreme Court, Justice McKeig had seven years of experience at the Family Court in Hennepin County. She undoubtedly saw what alcoholism does to individuals and to families; she undoubtedly saw what worked and what did not work to recover from this addiction.

Justice McKeig’s concurrence is evidence of the importance of an “experientially diverse” Supreme Court. It is also evidence, in our view, that the Minnesota bench and bar are a caring and cohesive group for the most part. We care for one another and hope to be able to help those who need us.