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2/12/09: Save the Date!

On February 12, 2009, I will be presenting on Federal and State Lending Laws as part of the Lorman Education Series. We’ll surely touch on new Minnesota laws governing mortgage brokers and new regulations as to TILA disclosures. I also expect to give a survey of current on-going related litigation in Minnesota federal and state […]

On the Ethics of Leaving A Law Firm

Eric Cooperstein, a lawyer with the Minnesota Board of Professional Responsibility has his own firm that focuses on ethics issues. “Leaving a law firm” is one of his practice areas. There are ethical and practical considerations implicated in many professional job changes, only more so for lawyers, with issues of confidentiality and privilege (for starters). […]

Goldman Sachs/Morgan Stanley Banking Holding Co.s

This is the big headline of the day as Wall Street is said to have changed forever.