The Court of Appeals recently issued a decision holding that a person’s front yard is not a “public place” under a statute making it a crime to carry a gun without a permit in a public place.  In State v. Yang, someone called 911 after seeing the defendant carrying a gun at his house.  Police went […]

As a Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney, I get quite a few calls about DWIs.  Minnesota has some of the strictest DWI laws in the country and the best way to handle a DWI arrest or charge can be quite confusing.  I get many referrals from other attorneys whose clients are facing DWIs wanting to know […]

Update (June 1, 2012): After a hearing, Hennepin County District Court Judge Mabley denied Senser’s motion for acquittal or a new trial.  The judge said that the verdict itself was based on jury instructions that were a correct statement of Minnesota law, so the verdict should be upheld.  The judge found no support for Senser’s […]

For years, prosecutors and defense attorneys have battled over the sealing and expungement of executive branch records.  It is well settled that Minnesota courts can expunge judicial records, but Minnesota Supreme Court decisions had suggested that executive branch records could not be touched due to the separation of powers.  In practice, this meant that a […]