Update:   It’s a time of transition.  The Twins season is winding down.  And the Minnesota Supreme Court is issuing the last of its decisions from the past term. Two important decisions were just released:  Gams and Cole.  These cases decide how two rules mesh – rule 5.04(a) and rule 60.02. Rule 5.04(a) was amended […]

Update (June 29,2015):   A new handbook will help e-filers in the Minnesota district courts.  The handbook is published by the Minnesota Judicial Branch and is found on the courts website. The handbook provides some general background on e-filing procedures. Section 7 of the handbook, though, is made mandatory for e-filers.  The requirements in Section […]

It’s here. Appellate e-filing in Minnesota. Attorneys may now e-file and e-serve briefs as long as the other side is represented by an attorney admitted in Minnesota. Before being allowed to e-file, you must have taken (and passed!) a quiz provided by the court. The purpose of the quiz is to ensure that filers have […]

Now that we are moving to e-filing of court documents, there are some new needs to make briefs and memos effective. And some new tools are available. Two of them are hyperlinks and bookmarks. We are all familiar with hyperlinks (like this.) Clicking on a hyperlink will take the reader to a new page. Our […]