Update (October 30, 2012):  A great lawyer is one who can see ahead, who can accurately counsel clients about risks and opportunities in the near and even the far-off future.  Apparently, this skill set might carry over into sports predictions. In early June, Mike Flom predicted that the Twins would end the season 64-98 (see below). One […]

What do you do when you have a judgment and need to collect? Well, for many creditors and collection agencies, the man to call is John Halpern, a 40-year veteran of commercial collections in the Twin Cities. Minnesota Litigator sat down for an interview where he gave some of his strategies for stopping debtors from […]

For our third profile of an interesting Minnesota litigators, we had the chance to sit down with Eric Cooperstein to talk about his ethics defense and advising practice. Cooperstein’s career has taken him from splitting time at Legal Aid and Mansfield & Tanick to the Office of Lawyer’s Professional Responsibility (“OLPR”) to administering a consent decree […]

For our second profile of an interesting Minnesota trial lawyer (our first, Elliot Olsen, can be found here), we had the chance to sit down recently with Jim Behrenbrinker to talk about his diverse practice and the big excessive force/wrongful death claim he brought against the City of Minneapolis. Behrenbrinker was formerly at Robins Kaplan […]