The latest from the Minnesota Supreme Court:  New amendments to the rules of civil appellate procedure were just adopted. As it happens, the amendments were mostly technical.  The amendments correct some inconsistencies in the rules and fine-tune them. A couple of the amendments are worth some special attention. Rule 128.03 now clarifies how parties […]

  I thought I was up-to-speed on the new appellate e-filing requirements.  I had read the materials online, passed the little quiz you need to take with flying colors, and registered.  So I knew all the basics. But I went to the training session offered by the courts and learned some new things.   A […]

Update (June10, 2015):  New amendments to the court rules take effect on July 1.  A few highlights: There must be “consecutive pagination” of all pages in affidavits and trial exhibits from start to finish. A declaration that a filing was submitted “under penalty of perjury” will suffice rather than notarization for many documents. The rules […]