• July 11, 2012

It appears that Google settled claims against it in regard to how Google billed for some period of time for “Google Adwords” for $20,000,000.00.  The Twin Cities law firm of LEVENTHAL pllc walked away with a cool $0.45 as a result of the settlement.  Thanks, Wolf Popper and Susman Godfrey (plaintiffs’ class counsel)!

This money will be reinvested in the LEVENTHAL pllc marketing budget.  In fact, we will open a new wing on our Research & Development Center, tentatively named the Wolf Popper Susman Godfrey Market Research Pavilion (ground-breaking scheduled for 2018).  Or we might buy a postage stamp.  

(Incidentally, the LEVENTHAL pllc Adwords experiment was not a successful advertising/marketing campaign.  It should come as no surprise, I suppose, that commercial litigants generally do not connect with their trial lawyers via Google Adwords.  It is consistent, however, with Google’s own philosophy to try out many things and “fail often” so we excuse the law firm’s marketing team for this failed effort.  (It is also easy to be forgiving of oneself (generally).))

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