• January 25, 2011

David Hanners of the Pioneer Press has the story of the hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Patrick J. Schiltz (D. Minn.) by four Minnesota head shops’ efforts to offer ersatz reefer to Minnesota’s law-abiding but high-seeking citizens.  Apparently, there are more of these Minnesotans than at least one upper-middle-aged Minnesota lawyer would have thought.  Tom Tepley of the shop of Discontent in Moorhead, Minnesota has testified by affidavit, that he was pulling in $6,000/day for Pandora Potpourri, Skunk, Red X Dawn, and the like.

For that kind of ka-ching, you would probably also fight the feds’ efforts to criminalize your cash cow.

From the Pioneer Press story, sounds like the synthetic carribinoid sellers will have to fight it out elsewhere.  The Court expressed misgivings about its jurisdiction over the case.

Heading the head shops’ legal battle: Marc Kurzman.  (An aside:  Minnesota Litigator notes Mr. Kurzman’s anonymous testimonials by “a Hennepin County judge” and other unnamed sitting judges on his website as a marketing strategy, an angle ML has not seen before.)

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