• May 1, 2017

Several years ago, Minnesota Litigator took the position that no lawyer should ever go to trial alone. This might have seemed paradoxical to some readers, coming from LEVENTHAL pllc, a solo lawyer civil litigation firm since its birth, one sunny day back in October, 2010. But, for every trial we have had, LEVENTHAL pllc has teamed up with co-counsel, so we might be incorrect but at least we have been consistent.

(Many excellent trial lawyers disagree and think a single lawyer can acquit him or herself just fine at trial. The talented and successful Ashwin Madia, for example, has told us he feels this way. Who knows? Maybe he’s right. Maybe we are. This, and so many other questions that we all answer every day, cannot be answered definitively, at least not without a lot of carefully compiled and properly analyzed data, which very few of us have (or know how to analyze)).

Suffice it to say, LEVENTHAL pllc, as of today, is a two lawyer operation. Nice to have someone covering the backside, as we climb out of the trench into the hail of verbal ordnance. LEVENTHAL pllc, as of today, has a new lawyer and therefore has doubled in size. A more formal introduction to follow in days to come.

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