• September 22, 2010

Dorsey & Whitney LLP represents the ACLU in this bitterly fought litigation against Tarek Ibn Ziyad Academy (“TiZA”), the establishment of which, the ACLU argues, violates the anti-establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution.

As part of its defense, TiZA and related entity-defendants argue that the Dorsey law firm is conflicted and must be disqualified because of assistance that the TiZA defendants allege Dorsey lawyers (most prominently, former Vice President Walter Mondale) once provided regarding “the legality of the structures” of defendant entities and Defendant Asad Zaman’s relationship with those organizations (Zaman is the Executive Director of TiZa).

(Full disclosure: Minnesota Litigator had the pleasure of working at Dorsey with several of the Dorsey lawyers in the case, which may be why the cynical proverb, “No good deed goes unpunished,” comes to mind here. )

The motion is set for hearing on November 22.

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