• October 29, 2014

Minnesota Litigator - voteAround this time of the year, Minnesota lawyers are starting to receive questions from the most diligent voters. Who is running for judge and who should they vote for?

This year is particularly challenging since the League of Women Voters is not publishing its voter guide because its funder (Target) dropped out. So a usual source of information has dried up.

Which makes our job helping voters even more important.

This year is a lively and challenging one in Hennepin County with four contested races. There are two contested races each in the 7th and 10th judicial districts. And one lone contested race in the 5th district. And of course we all will be getting questions about the two contested Supreme Court seats.

There are several great sources of information. First, Minnesota Lawyer has published its voter guide. This is “ahead” of their paywall so all voters will have full access to it. Be sure to check it out.

Some of the bar associations also have voter guides. MSBA has a guide addressing the two Supreme Court races. And the Hennepin County Bar Association has put out a guide for the four contested races in that county. Other bar districts may have put out other guides.

And, the League of Women Voters of Golden Valley has sponsored two candidate forums for the four contested races in Hennepin County. One forum featured all the candidates for the seats that were on the Hennepin County primary ballot. And another forum hosted the candidates in the two contested races that did not appear on the primary ballot. I am going to pour a cup of coffee and listen to these fora as I sit at my computer.

Be ready to answer questions from your friends and neighbors. And pass along some of these materials along with your thoughts to those you know will be interested.

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