• April 18, 2011

The Afremov v. Sulloway & Hollis legal malpractice lawsuit has sparked so many Minnesota Litigator posts that maybe some other enterprising lawyer might wish to sponsor a spin-off blog (think Mary Tyler Moore and, then, Phyllis).  (This would not be the first Minnesota litigation with its own blog.)

In defense of Minnesota Litigator’s editorial choice to cover this lawsuit to this extent, note that this legal malpractice case is Minnesota civil litigation about Minnesota civil litigation, arguably making coverage of the suit doubly legitimate subject matter.  Also,  Afremov is, of course, not the only case covered by Minnesota Litigator and not even the only legal malpractice case.

That said, as we approach a hearing on a motion for summary judgment in the case (and now with an accompanying motion for sanctions), the upcoming hearing should be interesting but after that, some may hope for (and get) a little less wall-to-wall Afremov coverage…

A final note:  Minnesota Litigator is looking into “voting buttons.”  We look forward to the possibility that readers could easily give  in-put themselves on coverage (too much, too little, too detailed, too superficial).  Stay tuned… (In the mean time, you can always leave a comment, even anonymously.  No risk! Help Minnesota Litigator be better!)

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