• October 5, 2011

One year ago today, I started my solo practice.  Having been at Minnesota’s largest law firm (at the time; it has recently been dethroned) for most of my fifteen previous years in the practice of law (along with stints in several other local battlespaces before and after), I am now indisputably Minnesota’s smallest law firm (tied, of course, with untold other solo lawyers).

What a year!  

Solo practice started with a major corporate client staying with my prior law firm employer out of concern for entrusting its case to a solo lawyer but, a few weeks later, that client called me back and retained me for an upcoming jury trial. The calendar year started with a resounding jury win for the client (for which lead counsel Christina Weber, of Wilford Geske & Cook, P.A., admittedly deserves much of the credit).

The list of clients, co-counsel, office support personnel, supporting vendors, and others (most prominently my family, of course) that I would have to list to give appropriate thanks for the past year being the best year of my life is too long for this post.

Suffice it to say:  (1) THANK YOU!!! and (2) Excellent past performance does not guaranty phenomenal future results for any particular case or engagement.  [What kind of lawyer would I be if I did not include a disclaimer?]

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