• August 23, 2010

As covered previously on Minnesota Litigator, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit revived claims of anti-consumerist protesters (dressed as “zombies”).  The City of Minneapolis faced a lawsuit for its treatment of seven protesters who peacefully sought to protest our consumerist, materialistic culture.  The City had prevailed before U.S. District Court Judge Joan Ericksen (D. Minn.) but that decision was reversed on appeal.

Today’s StarTribune reports that their case settled for $165,000.  It is unclear how much each of the zombies will lurch away with after their lawyer, Jordan Kushner (also an attorney for protesters of the Republican National Convention), is paid but Kushner implies in the StarTribune article that their payouts will be sufficient for them to get botox injections, an iPad, iPhone 4, Kindle DX, and a handful of other trendy spendy toys (but probably not enough for elective plastic surgery).  (Kushner implies they will receive more than $10,000 each (some of which will presumably go to the I.R.S.))

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