• March 28, 2010

UPDATE: Jury returns verdict for +/- $27 million (but no finding of wilfulness) against US Bank, et al.

Here’s the earlier story from 2/28/10:

Reported on MinnnPost (excellent article by Brad Allen!), Minneapolis-based US Bank is headed for trial in United States District Court in Texas (E.D. Tex., Marshall Division) to defend a patent infringement case (the complaint: here) before Chief Judge David Folsom.  US Bank is being represented by a phalanx of lawyers from Foley & Lardner (D.C. Office, mainly), along with Texas counsel from Beck Redden & Secrest LLP.  Plaintiff Datatreasury is represented primarily by Nix Patterson & Roach LLP, which seems to be enjoying a good run with Datatreasury patent infringement suits.  US Bank is far from the only bank nor is it the first bank in Datatreasury’s cross-hairs (NY Times 2004 article, here).  One gets the impression that defendants are digging in their heels and that they’re possibly going to actually fight this out.

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