• February 5, 2015

Fishing IconAn in-house lawyer at a large Minnesota company tells me that access to this site, Minnesota Litigator: News & Commentary about Minnesota Litigation, is blocked at the large company where the lawyer works.

Apparently the company provides “categorizations” for some blocked sites. I imagine these would group blocked sites as porn, hate-mongering, or other types of sites that are widely regarded as offensive or disruptive to a well-run workplace. But I am told that Minnesota Litigator is blocked as “uncategorized” at the lawyer’s employer.

How am I supposed to market my awesome law firm to corporate America if the in-house lawyers cannot access my website? I suppose there are other fish in the sea…(I wonder if other so-called “law blogs” are blocked. I wonder if U.S. law firms are pouring money into “law blogs” for marketing only to have the sites blocked by the market they are trying to reach?)

I am not sure how to take this. Should I be flattered or flustered? Should I seek to get whitelisted? These are rhetorical questions. Honestly, I am a honey-badger, I am bad-ass, and I do not give a #&%#.

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