• October 16, 2012

Regular Minnesota Litigator readers may recall Minnesota Litigator’s earlier appreciative pictures of a courthouse from bygone days last May.  I encouraged Minnesota Litigator readers (there are many and you know who you are!) to submit pictures of other exquisite Minnesota rural courthouses but lawyers (who make up most of Minnesota Litigator’s readers, unsurprisingly) are not photographers, apparently (with notable exceptions).  In short, to date this is a one-man crusade.  Again, please contribute pictures.  These are treasures and they should be shared.

I understand that there are 87 counties in Minnesota.  Two down, 85 to go…

Pope County Courthouse, in Glenwood, Minnesota (pop. 2,564 according to the 2010 census), is a pretty amazing building.  In fact, the entrance was just refurbished at a cost of several hundred thousand dollars, I am told, which was actually commemorated/celebrated at the courthouse this week.

Curiously, the courthouse also has the “County Treasurer,” an ancient safe, sitting in the hallway, but I am told this is mainly because it is so heavy that no one has been able to figure out an economical means to move the artifact.

Seth Leventhal is a Minnesota litigator with over 15 years of experience in Minnesota civil litigation who loves the occasional trip to an “out-state courthouse” and is equally at home in state and federal courts in the Twin Cities.

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