• November 4, 2010

UPDATE: A third jury finds damages of $1.5 million this time against Jammie Thomas-Rasset (who had turned down a offer to settle for $25,000).

[11/1/2010 post:] U.S. District Court Judge Michael J. Davis (C.J.) appears to have almost instantaneously stricken the 5-page brief of Prof. Charles Nesson of the Harvard Law School, filed in the Capitol Records vs. Thomas-Rasset “file-sharing”/copyright infringement case. ¬†Prof. Nesson’s brief was filed this morning. ¬†So was Judge Davis’ order pointing out that Prof. Nesson represents no one in this litigation and has not been granted leave to file a brief in the case, much less a brief on an issue that was fully brief, argued, and decided by the Court last week…

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