The best horror films share a common feature: The killer can always come back from the dead. The Minnesota Supreme Court recently decided that the same is not true of contribution and indemnity claims arising out of construction defects. In In re Individual 35W Bridge Litigation (covered extensively by MN Litigator here), the Minnesota Supreme Court held that the […]

As the deadline approached on claims to the state fund for the August, 2007 I-35W Bridge collapse victims, a flurry of effort resulted in all victims participating in the state settlement fund. By accepting payments from the Minnesota fund, victims are not barred from pursuing additional compensation from, say, private entities related to bridge and […]

In addition to the medical device and pharmaceutical mult-district litigation in the U.S. District Court, D. Minn., the largest Minnesota litigation in 2009 (aside from what will likely be the current but transient MN Senate election-related litigation) will probably be the fall-out from the August 1, 2007 35W Bridge Collapse. Covering the various 35W cases […]