(Update February 12, 2015): Camtek, the Israeli maker of silicon wafer inspection tools, has been battling without much success in Minnesota for several years now and the fight continues. (Have you ever tried inspecting your own silicon wafers? Very difficult with the naked eye. I have found that detecting slip lines inside a wafer’s crystalline structure […]

Mag. Judge Arthur J. Boylan (D. Minn.) ruled on Friday (1/15/10) on a discovery dispute in ADT Security Services v. Selige Swenson, et al., Civil File No. 07-cv-2983 (JRT/AJB), that ADT could amend deposition testimony — not to change “Laurence” to “Lawrence,” or some other minor correction but, rather, to reverse testimony completely. The case […]

This recent ruling from Mag. Judge Arthur Boylan illustrates the challenges of being a class action lawyer and also is yet another example of the Court’s general disinclination to impose sanctions. Opt-in plaintiffs in this class action against Domino’s Pizza are pizza delivery drivers alleging violations of the federal and the Minnesota Fair Labor Standards […]

Electronic discovery (“ESI”= electronically stored information) is a fact of life for almost all civil litigation but there are forces at work (technologically ignorant litigators and unbelievable potential expense for “full-scale” electronic discovery, for example) that limit the scope of such discovery in many cases.  That said, the technological sophistication of trial lawyers increases constantly […]