An attorney, purporting to act on behalf of a client, sends correspondence that a disappointed business entity blames for the collapse of an important business transaction. The business entity (let’s call it PureChoice) brings suit against the son of the purported client — alleging that the client was not competent, that the son was acting […]

A lawyer defending a deposition is well-advised to get it squared away, in advance, as to whether the deponent is a client. It bodes ill for an attorney-client privilege claim when the “client” has denied under oath that she is represented by the attorney. Under such circumstances, it should come as no great surprise that […]

In a published decision by the Minnesota Court of Appeals, the Court reversed a Scott County District Court whose decision had been adverse to an insured defendant in a car accident case. The defendant reported the accident to his insurer and then, apparently, could not be located when the lawsuit was filed. The insurer hired […]