Summer can be a slow time for sports fans. Basketball season is over, football season hasn’t started, and, while baseball season is still going, some fans know that their team’s season is effectively over (see: Minnesota Twins). But one season has been alive and very active this summer: college sports litigation! The NCAA has been […]

Minnesota Litigator wanders outside of Minnesota and Eighth Circuit jurisprudence from time to time for important decisions in sister circuits, neighboring states, or the U.S. Supreme Court and a recent decision out of the Seventh Circuit warrants mention. The Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 made it easier to get class action litigation into federal […]

Bell v. Hershey, 8th Cir. File No. 08-2458 (oral argument, January 15, 2009; case decided February 25, 2009). Plaintiff brought a class action antitrust lawsuit in Iowa state court pleading $4.99 million in damages to fall under the $5 million jurisdictional amount which is required to get into federal court. (The plaintiff alleged that it […]