The only word that comes to mind to capture the long fight between Louis E. Kemp, Superior Seafoods, its lawyers, and Tyson Foods is “clusterf**k.”  Over the years, the dispute was litigated in California, in Minnesota state court, in Minnesota federal court, involves a concurrent lawsuit for legal malpractice against Plaintiff Kemp counsel, at least […]

Plaintiff functioned as a broker to arrange for the sale of a business in exchange for a broker fee. Defendant Merrill Lynch (and Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity Inc.), purchaser, told Plaintiff that the deal could only go through financially if Plaintiff took a fee of $1.5 million rather than the $7.15 million that it […]

In a divorce, the ex-husband-to-be made representations as to the value of a business which his ex-wife, after divorce, concluded were false and fraudulent. Ex-wife settled with ex-husband but continued claims against his lawyer and lawyer’s law firm. The lawyer and firm argued, however, that the ex-wife, in settling her claims with the ex-husband should […]

When the economy dives, frauds come to light (or, in Warren Buffett’s often-quoted more colorful language, “It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who’s been swimming naked”). Therefore, today’s published Minnesota Court of Appeals decision broadening the reach of veil piercing beyond a corporation’s shareholders, officers, executives, or employees to reach any […]