There has been an exponential amount of growth in the Minnesota craft-brewing scene. Ever since the passage of the Surly Bill, a law spearheaded by local beer powerhouse Surly Brewing Co. that allows local breweries to sell beer on-site, new breweries and tap rooms have been popping up all over the state. With fast expansion […]

Update: ¬†“If you are going to predict,” my uncle (who was a stock broker) used to advise us, “predict often.” Minnesota Litigator has had a fairly high percentage correct predictions of pending court decisions in the past couple of years, but got this one wrong (see below for a case description and prediction), although it […]

[UPDATE: ¬†Originally posted in January, another correct Minnesota Litigator prediction, and another Plaintiff fares badly at the Minnesota Supreme Court (opinion here (Judges Page, Meyer, and Anderson, Paul, dissenting in two separate dissenting opinions)).] Let’s say an employer (say, Capella University) terminates an employee (Elen Bahr) because, asked to perform some act, she refused, sincerely […]

We recently covered Defendant TiZA’s extremely broad view of a proposed protective order in the case.  We now have the ACLU’s response (here).  Of particular interest is the news that threats and intimidation have apparently caused a third-party witness whom the ACLU wished to depose to cancel the deposition.  “Stopping TIZA’s intimidation of potential witnesses […]

This case, Kirkland v. Wyeth, arising from hormone replacement therapy lawsuits (prempro), was covered on this blog here.  The Eighth Circuit’s description of today’s opinion (and link to the opinion)(Bright, Author, with Murphy and Riley, Circuit Judge) is here. (In the earlier post, readers may note I made a prediction which proved wrong, although I […]