In today’s economy, it is unsurprising that we have covered several instances of challenges to mortgage loans when one of two spouses did not sign the mortgage and, on that basis, seeks to void the lender’s security interest in the property.  (See here and here.) Today, in a published opinion, the Minnesota Court of Appeals […]

Readers of this blog and those in the Minnesota medical malpractice bar are well aware of Minnesota’s statutory requirements for medical malpractice claims. Today, the Minnesota Court of Appeals issued an opinion (by Judge Louise Dovre Bjorkman, appointed by Gov. Pawlenty to the Court of Appeals in June, 2008, and joined by Judge Jill Flaskamp […]

Today, the Minnesota Court of Appeals, in a published decision (authored by Judge Stauber), held that, “[I]n order to provide a meaningful opportunity to correct defects, prepare for negotiation or litigation, and safeguard against stale claims…we conclude that a party must provide actual notice of the nature and timing of any action that could lead […]