• November 21, 2013

GhosttownThe existence of corporations as independent legal entities that can sue and be sued can sometimes create some strange situations. In Integrity Dominion Funds, LLC v. Lazy Deuce Capital Co. (previously covered here), the effort of plaintiff in this investment gone bad is coming up on its second birthday. Integrity Dominion Funds’ case is still alive but whether it will win in the end is very much up in the air.  And now defendant Lazy Deuce has been allowed to respond to interrogatories without signing them, as required by Fed. R. Civ. P. 33, because there is no human at Lazy Deuce to sign them.

Experienced civil litigators know that there can not be “pro se corporate parties” in litigation — at least not in Minnesota state or federal court.  It seems equally/conversely untenable to have a lawyer represent a corporation that has no human decision-maker associated with it.  But this is what we appear to have here in Integrity Dominion Funds’ case…

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