• April 12, 2010

No, the above header is no typo.  The hardfought Akanthos, Whitebox v. Compucredit litigation (covered here (12/22), here (1/25), here (2/26), here (4/2)) provoked a backlash.  Predator and prey have switched sides.  (Star Tribune coverage is here.  Complaint is here.)

The original Akanthos case, alleges Compucredit, was a sham and plaintiffs knew it.  Compucredit further pleads two counts of violation of the Sherman Act.

U.S. District Court Judge James M. Rosenbaum (D. Minn.) makes a star-turn at Para. 37 of Compucredit’s complaint.  The new case is before U.S. District Court Judge John R. Tunheim (D. Minn.) (and U.S. Mag. Judge Jeff Keyes).

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