• March 29, 2012

This linked article on the potential failure of a simultaneously nation-wide and hyper-local one-journalist “newspaper” blog business effort, “Patch,”  is the impetus for this note.  (Southwest Minneapolis Patch is here, by the way. (There are  25 “Patch” publications in Minnesota.)

There are obvious rewards and opportunities for single-author blogs and solo lawyers — the autonomy, the personal connection (“hyper-local”), the minimal overhead — but there are equally obvious disadvantages: the isolation, the limits and homogeneity of the brain trust (one brain (amazing though it may be) (or not) (it’s all relative)).

These limitations can, of course, be overcome or, at least mitigated through office-sharing, professional networking, rigorous knowledge management (sometimes the best advice might be a reminder of a similar situation in an earlier case), and, finally “blog sharing” or “guest posters.”

This is by way of saying a public and heartfelt THANK YOU to Minnesota Litigator Guest Posters: T.J. Conley, Fred Ramos, Jake Smith, Rob Shainess, Corwin Kruse, Eric Rice, and Sara Peterson.

A public and heartfelt THANK YOU to the offices of Skolnick & Shiff, P.A., whose offices I share and whose lawyers’ and staff’s insights and help I do not acknowledge enough.

And THANK YOU to commenters/tipsters to Minnesota Litigator.  Please understand that reader contributions (that is, constructive ones, which, I am happy to say, are the only kinds we post) are vital to the on-going vitality and interest of Minnesota Litigator.

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