• January 9, 2019

Just teasing. Minnesota Litigator has been known, from time to time, for its typographical lapses, of course.

We’ll go a step further: if your law firm enjoys a superbly low typo rate, we would submit that your clients are paying too much. Though it is true that typos are unfortunate and, particularly to perfectionists, they are deemed to be “signs of sloppiness,” typos are inherent in our work. Having briefs and other legal writings reviewed by many different readers to root out every single typo is generally overkill and needlessly adds expense for legal services. (It is true that sometimes a single typo can have terrible consequences, of course. This, however, is extremely rare. Most typos simply trigger a fleeting feeling of superiority in the reader without any further consequence or confusion.)

Larson King appears to have one lawyer holding himself out as having immigration law expertise, Mr. Umut Ozturk, and the fact that they are looking to hire another lawyer with this expertise suggests his practice is doing well!

At one time, Minnesota Litigator considered having a “bug bounty” in which readers would win prizes for finding typos in our posts and bringing them to our attention. Then, running a pilot program (in our imaginations), we realized that this would bankrupt the organization and we thought better of it.

Nevertheless, although Minnesota Litigator readers cannot directly profit from bringing typos to our attention, we are extremely grateful when readers do (and they get that tiny ego boost of superiority) so please keep it up!

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