• January 4, 2015

ThiefIn August, 2012, Minnesota lawyer, Kim Chapman, sued Minnesota lawyer, John Bonner, and her former employer Bonner & Borhart. Apparently her lawsuit got the attention of the U.S. Department of Labor and then the Hennepin County Attorney. Now Bonner has been convicted in a criminal trial for stealing money from Bonner & Borhart lawyer-employees. He will be sentenced in about a month.

Some have expressed anger and disapproval over the fact that the statute of limitations might have protected Bonner from prosecution for additional earlier wrong-doing. A comment to the article in the Star Tribune¬†on the conviction laments: “When lawyers judge lawyers, and politition [sic] lawyers make laws for lawyers, sweet things happen. This profession stinks.”

So we’re clear here: a lawyer sues her lawyer employer for stealing money from her, other lawyers work to prosecute the lawyer employer for the crime successfully. And some see these facts as proof that lawyers get away with wrong-doing and are above the law? How stupid are people?


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