• April 30, 2010

Minnesota Litigator is regularly read throughout Minnesota (elsewhere, too, but primarily in Minnesota) and, presumably, almost exclusively by lawyers.  As such, we like to think we serve some public service in dissemination of news and developments in Minnesota civil litigation.

If readers take away nothing else, it hoped there is a wider appreciation of U.S. District Court Judge (D. Minn.) Joan Ericksen’s emphasis on the importance of pleading diversity jurisdiction of business entities properly (most recently covered here and again being invoked in an April 29 order here).

We are in a post-Iqbal/Twombly world where Judge Ericksen’s enhanced scrutiny would appear to be a small part of a far larger burden that plaintiffs (and counterclaiming/crossclaiming defendants, of course) now face before their first filing crosses over the federal courthouse threshhold (or, in this day of electronic filing, past its firewall).

(No doubt the state court system will happily receive any resulting federal court rejects since they are flush with public funding (read: IRONY) and always open for business (well, except for Wednesday afternoons at the walk-in counter and telephone services due to budget constraints)).

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