• December 16, 2015

256px-2005-Penny-Uncirculated-Obverse-croppedThis week, some true believers (that is, believers in not believing (non-religious fanatics?)) sued the U.S. Congress for putting “In God We Trust” on our money.  Good luck with that. (Towns can have nativity scenes on public property but our bucks’n’coins cannot have IGWT?)

(Here linked is the voluminous complaint.)

The complaint represents quite an effort and there are many plaintiffs who obviously feel strongly about the case.

I find it interesting (and maybe troubling) that our culture appears to be polarizing. Right wing ideologues seem to want to abolish the First Amendment entirely to establish a Christian (or at least Judeo-Christian) theocracy and left wing activists seem to want to apply the First Amendment more rigidly than it has ever been applied in our country’s relatively short history…

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