• April 28, 2010

Last September, Minnesota Litigator noted that Donaldson Co., along with Team Gross, was again launching into battle with old foe Baldwin Filters in patent litigation (complaint : here).  (Today, incidentally, counsel for Baldwin has moved to amend the scheduling order in that case and also moved for sanctions against Donaldson.  The memorandum was filed under seal.)

Today, Donaldson and Team Gross have filed three more patent infringement complaints in U.S. District Court (D. Minn.) against Air Filtration Systems (assigned to Judge James Rosenbaum), against Chemco Manufacturing Company (assigned to Judge Joan Ericksen), and against AAF-McQuay (assigned to Judge Donovan Frank).  All of today’s filings involve the same three patents (and differ in that respect from the Baldwin Filters case) and the technology is air filters.

The District of Minnesota is not quite Marshall, Texas yet but between the cases brought by Team Gross, 3M, Mayo, and others, who knows?

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