• October 9, 2018
"Collection Plate." Flickr Creative Commons. Photo by Leo Reynolds.

“Collection Plate.” Flickr Creative Commons. Photo by Leo Reynolds.

(Original post (1/11/14), updated/revised: 6/5/15, 11/20/17, 10/9/18): The Minnesota Litigator blog of news and commentary on Minnesota civil litigation is now in its TENTH year and we have posted more than 2,000, 27 interviews with notable Minnesota litigators, and 6 interviews with state and federal judges. We have twice been listed as a Top 100 Law Blog throughout the United States by the American Bar Association (2012, 2016).

Many Minnesota judges, some Minnesota Supreme Court Justices, legions of lawyers, and my mother have all shared their appreciation of Minnesota Litigator with us.

MINNESOTA LITIGATOR CALL TO ACTION: Contact Minnesota Litigator and volunteer for a guest post.  Show the community (1) that you are an intelligent lawyer (or legal services provider of any kind — e-discovery expert, paralegal, or legal secretary) and a good writer with insight, (2) that you know a thing or two about Minnesota litigation,  (3) that you care about improving the Minnesota civil litigation system by actively sharing experiences or ideas.

We recognize that this may be difficult for lawyers in larger law firms, in particular, that have bureaucracies, that have their own firm websites’ voracious appetites for fresh content.  We get that.  But you can still draw readers to your firm posts, at a minimum, by telling your public relations team to keep Minnesota Litigator in mind — to help get the word out.

Also we immensely appreciate tips about interesting cases and/or interesting legal issues important to Minnesota civil litigators or their clients. Neither Minnesota Litigator nor LEVENTHAL pllc pay money or other consideration, directly or indirectly, for tips or suggestions, but we will give credit, kudos, and we will include you in our mindfulness prayers and/or an invocation to your designated preferred deity or deities (carnate or incarnate, ubiquitous or corner office), as appropriate.


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