• November 6, 2012

We strongly disagree as a country on issues that are deep and fundamental, some of which are literally matters of life and death.

Some argue that voting is an inscrutable paradox, in which the effort expended by an individual voter in casting his or her single ballot, as a practical matter, makes no sense because it literally never changes an election’s outcome. (In vote-counting over a certain number, there is a margin of error in the counting so there is never an absolute count, meaning that one cannot ever truly lose (or win) an election by one vote.  (Note that there were never any two vote counts that came out exactly the same in the Franken/Coleman race, for example.))

But we do have a very broad and deep consensus across all mainstream ideologies in the United States of America that we are deeply fortunate to live in a time and place where we can participate in this process of self-governance in a great many ways. Voting may be more symbolic than consequential but it is nevertheless a great symbol of a great nation.

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