• September 20, 2010

[UPDATE: Following up on the post below originally posted last week, Judge Davis resoundingly rejected Plaintiff’s “Motion to Vacate Judgment and other relief.  Plaintiff suggested that Judge Davis should have recused himself because, at one time, he was a state court judge and, through that experience, sat on the same court with potential witnesses in the case. ]

Minnesota Litigator disseminates news and developments relevant to civil litigation in Minnesota state and federal courts.  As such, Minnesota Litigator was pleased to learn several months ago that an experienced and admired Twin Cities civil litigator was recommending the site to junior lawyers — to keep up to date on decisions and maybe to learn a thing or two.

Here’s some free advice:  probably not a good idea to send inappropriate emails to the staff of U.S. District Court Chief Judge Michael J. Davis (D. Minn.).

(Some may adopt a extraordinarily high risk gambit to trigger recusal of a judge.  (In some contexts, “it is generally wise where the marks of … unseemly conduct have left personal stings to ask a fellow judge to take [one’s] place,” the U.S. Supreme Court has held.)  But such a tactic is not advised for the faint of heart nor for the inexperienced (nor anyone else)).

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