• May 24, 2014

Fire Alarm2Update (5/24/2014): Yeah. No. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

Update (5/20/2014): The explanation of the urgency is here (?).

Original post (5/17/14): (EXERGENT CIRCUMSTANCES: EXERGY’S EMERGENCY REQUEST TO ORDER MY ADVERSARY TO TAKE MY MONEY!) A TRO (temporary restraining order) seeking an emergency order that an opposing party accept millions of dollars in unpaid debt is not something one sees very often.

(The case had its origins in TRO-land some time go.)

[Aside: as a matter of rhetoric and persuasion, do you think it is savvy to quote Plato and Ralph Waldo Emerson in a legal brief in support of an emergency motion? I don’t.]

How convenient that the emergency required a filing at 10:30 p.m. on a Friday. That does not carry a scent of the taint of gamemanship at all, am I right?

It is an oddity that Exergy must ask for the Court’s assistance in paying a debt,” Exergy counsel agrees. Odder still that Exergy failed to pay its debts for years (presumably not triggering an emergency) and now that it claims to have the cash, its need to pay is an emergency.

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