• March 8, 2013

The Minnesota Legislature granted immortality to “stored value” “gift cards” and such in 2007.  If Holiday Companies gas stations sell car washes through paper receipts, good for 30 days, do they run afoul of the Minnesota law?  Now retired Hennepin County Judge Deborah Hedlund ruled: No.  The Court of Appeals reversed.  In recent days, Minnesota Litigator has questioned whether Minnesota courts are able to provide relief to Minnesotans with small claims.  Here we are talking about a class action of folks whose $7.99 car wash certificates expired after 30 days.

Cases do not get much smaller than this, presumably, but the case may be far from over.  We will have to wait and see whether, ultimately, plaintiffs and their lawyers, Halunen & Associates, will prevail and, if they do, whether the cost of victory will dwarf any recovery for the plaintiffs and their lawyers.

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