• March 11, 2014
Auctioneer, Photo by U.S. Marshals Service

Auctioneer, Photo by U.S. Marshals Service

Update (3/11/2014): (Oscar Wilde is famously quoted as having said, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” Some law firms may echo this paradox perhaps, saying, “The only thing worse than the client that did not hire us is the one that did.” (Randal’s pro se contra se brief is here.)

Update (2/20/2014): Mr. Randal Jones won’t escape liability or responsibility for a lawsuit in which his name is misspelled as “Randall Jones.” Because, otherwise, that would be stupid.

Original post (2/5/2014): (under Subject Line:  Going once…going twice…gone! It’s back! It’s gone! It’s back again…): Grafe Auction has been in the equipment auction business for a long time (and has been retained in the liquidation of the Metrodome (“[W]e have several unique one of kind items that will be of special interest to football and in particular Vikings fans“)).

The auction biz is all about trust, right? You raise your little finger, your paddle, or you submit your bid and, if you bid the highest and you win, you promise to fork over the dough. But sometimes that is not how it plays out. Sometimes the auctioneer has to sue because the high bidder fails to pay up. Sometimes the auctioneer’s case against the high bidder/non-buyer settles after Grafe had to sue. And then sometimes Grafe has to sue the high bidder/non-buyer again to get the settlement paid by the person who failed to pay in the first instance?

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