• July 1, 2011

We celebrate Canada Day (July 1) and our nation’s Independence Day under the ominous shadow of state government shutdown this year.   Courts will remain open.  Other state workers and many who depend on state services are not so lucky.

Unrelated to the shutdown, as part of the ordinary course and upgrade/update of the system, the Minnesota Judicial system wants you to know:


Appellate Courts will begin transmitting all notices, orders, and opinions electronically.

Beginning no later than July 1, the appellate courts will send notices, orders, opinions and correspondence related to pending cases to attorneys in those cases by e-mail rather than postal mail.  All attorneys with pending appellate cases who have not already registered an e-mail address should do so immediately. Unrepresented parties with pending appellate cases may also participate in this e-notification system by registering an e-mail address.  Please go to http://www.mncourts.gov/?page=156 for instructions how to register your e-mail address.

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