• December 20, 2019

Minnesota Litigator will be taking the balance of the year off and will come back in 2020 with a radical face-lift.

As regular readers know, 2019 has been a bit of a rough ride for LEVENTHAL pllc, personally and professionally. It should stand as a reminder to all that each second, minute, hour, day, night, week, month, year is a gift. And a reminder that tenacity and resilience may be the most critical life prerequisites. No amount of talent, no personal qualities, can flourish on the long haul without a solid foundation of grit and determination.

As always, thank you, Minnesota Litigator readers, contributors, commenters, stalkers. Thank you, Minnesota lawyers, judges, law students, law clerks, court administration. TBH, some of you are really terrible jerks (at least on occasion) but most of you are inspiring, committed, talented, and ethical colleagues whom I treasure. I am deeply and sincerely grateful.

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