• May 27, 2018

Update (May 27, 2018): We looked through past Minnesota Litigator Memorial Day posts and, over the years, the one below seemed the best to re-circulate this year.

Many of the other prior years’ Memorial Day posts were more closely tied to the true origin of the holiday — the solemn remembrance of those who have fought and died for our country. And it’s always good to remind ourselves of that, the real purpose of this late Spring/early Summer holiday.  But we enjoy the “blast from the past” of the 2011 post and it has a “legal hook,” as well.

Original post (May 27, 2011): Try to imagine how much money you could extort from a Hollywood studio by halting the Memorial Day Release of their blockbuster movie (that’s a $100 million dollar gambit).  It seems that counsel for tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill entertained that fantasy but it was not to be.  U.S. District Court Judge Catherine D. Perry, in the Eastern District of Missouri, cleared the way for us all to enjoy Hangover II this weekend.

Warner Brothers, however, is not done with Mr. Whitmill, however.  It seems he (and his lawyers?) might become millionaires over this after all

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