• April 29, 2011

Judge Tony N. Leung may be best known for having presided over the wedding of Seth Leventhal, founder of Minnesota Litigator, and Debra Grossfield back in October of 2002.  It is undoubtedly difficult after a high like that (though arguably not quite as majestic or as well-publicized as today’s royal wedding (but pretty close)) to continue the monotony of a state district court judge’s normal fare (e.g., a massive derailment with a toxic release of anhydrous ammonia resulting in a fatality, murder,  and so on).

Consequently, Minnesota Litigator was not surprised that Judge Leung decided to change things up a bit.  Judge Leung’s chambers will be in St. Paul.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to newly named U.S. Mag. Judge Tony N. Leung for the District of Minnesota!

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