• June 11, 2018

Photo by Jonathan Rotondo-McCord

Only last week, we noted how schools and colleges are the bomb factories where our kids’ hormonal fire-works are set off. Kids are alleged to have behaved badly. Schools investigate and, where they believe it is warranted, discipline perceived wrong-doers. Someone ends up charged with wrong-doing (or not) and sometimes it seems the school is charged with wrong-doing either way.

Consider the fix that the University of Minnesota now finds itself in…The U stands accused of “racial and gender discrimination; intentional, willful, and malicious misconduct; and deliberate indifference… in connection with the University‚Äôs investigation of allegations of sexual misconduct against Plaintiffs and the disciplinary proceedings and punishments that followed.”

In other words, a woman complains to the University of sexual assault, the University investigates the complaint and disciplines a number of individuals, and those individuals sue the University for racial bias in the investigation and ensuing discipline.


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